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Studies demonstrate that early and intense intervention is important when treating individuals with autism, yet very few of the effective treatments are covered by medical insurance.

We are continuously developing relationships with national, state & local agencies and community service providers to improve the availability and quality of programs serving children with autism and their families.

We work in partnership with individuals, businesses and other non-profit organizations to collaborate in the development and implementation of programs that meet the unique needs of children across the autism spectrum.

B.I.A.N.C.A.’s programs are broken down into 2 categories:


(ATC): ATC offers financial assistance to families who cannot afford to pay for accredited therapeutic programs recommended for a child struggling with an autism spectrum disorder.

We offer scholarships to families in order to provide access to the wide range of therapeutic programs and innovative services that meet the unique needs of children across the autism spectrum.

These services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team that includes but is not limited to psychologists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and behavioral therapists.


AAP provides access to programs that children on the autism spectrum would not otherwise be able to participate in due the necessary provisions that need to be implemented to ensure their safety.

Please email Allison Whitney at for more detailed information on our programs.

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