Free Early Intervention Screenings

Speech and Language Screenings at Southwest College Child Development Center

900 Otay Lakes Rd, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA 91913, USA   Get directions

(FREE Occupational and Physical Therapy Screenings also offered upon request)
All preschoolers with parent consent will be screened during the session.

  In 2006 Kara Dodds, M.S., CCC-SLP (speech pathologist) created a speech and language screening 3 phase protocol providing free trainings to teachers and free screenings to preschool and school-aged children, which is funded by a grant from the Autism Tree Project Foundation.

 Once the screening is complete, each child receives the following:

1. A written summary of results along with any recommendations.

2. Recommendations for Occupational  services or Physical services

3. Recommendations for classroom adaptations

The goal of this program is to identify preschoolers with language or motor delays so that families can be facilitated in obtaining diagnosis and the necessary intervention for their children as early as possible.

This screening is unique as it includes training for teachers & directors.  Occupational & physical therapy screenings are also provided when needed. There is no cost to families or preschools for any of these services.

For more information, contact: Kara Dodds: 619-692-0622

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