What is Biomedical Treatment?

Learn more about autism and biomedical treatment in San Diego, CA.

Biomedical treatment consists of a wide range of alternative treatments for autistic children. Many of these autism treatments target digestive, neurological and sensory systems in hopes of relieving or completely curing the symptoms of autism. However, it should be mentioned that results are widely inconclusive, though many have claimed to see some changes from these methods. Some popular biomedical treatments in San Diego, CA include stem cell therapy and a change in diet.

Before you seek alternative or biomedical treatment, be sure to consult your child’s physician and do research on any treatment option you see. Currently, the consensus is that autism’s core symptoms, social impairment, communication difficulties and learning and behavioral problems can’t be cured. However, they can be addressed by speech and occupational therapy to help children function better with others.

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism

Stem cells are cells capable of developing into other types of cells when introduced to a new population. This allows doctors to use your child’s existing stem cells and reintroduce them to the central nervous system through lumbar puncture and IV. After the treatment, your child will stay to be closely monitored.

While results are inconclusive on some biomedical treatment, one promising treatment lies in stem cell therapy. It’s important to note that stem cell therapy in the US has only been approved for blood-related diseases such as leukemia, but treatment is available outside of the US. However, the treatments seen by many clinics have lead to consistent improvements over the five-day stay.

Dietary Biomedical Treatment Autism

Chances are you’ve tried multiple approaches and seen a variety of specialists to help your child. Autism is a complex disorder with different symptoms appearing in different cases. One biomedical therapy on the rise involves your child’s diet and how it affects their behavior.

Like other biomedical therapies, dietary changes haven’t been proven to completely cure or treat autism, but they may help with other symptoms. If your child tends to have stomach or sleeping issues, curbing their intake of diary and gluten products may help. Speak to a nutritionist before changing your son or daughter’s diet and be sure to do it gradually. Some changes in diet may include:

  • Avoiding casein: Present in dairy products like milk and butter, casein is believed to aggravate sensitive stomachs
  • Avoided gluten: Found in grains such as oats, barley, rye and wheat, gluten could contribute to health issues in autistic children
  • Opt for organic food

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